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About Us


Hello! My name is Abdulsalam Younus and I am a first-generation Iraqi immigrant. I migrated to the US with my wife and 2 kids in 2016.

Two years after settling in Davis we found the opportunity to buy and run Cultive Frozen Yogurt in partnership with a first-generation Turkish immigrant friend, Altar Tunckol who moved to Davis with his family in 2017 due to his wife new job position. Altar played basketball for 14 years and coached professionally for 15 years.

For both of us Cultive Frozen Yogurt was our first business venture in the U.S. It was not easy to adapt to a completely different work environment, but with our joint efforts we succeeded managing the business. We believe we have created a warm and successful working environment. Social interactions with our customers and community have quickly become our favorite part of our business.

When did Cultive Frozen Yogurt start and what were the early days like?

I bought the business and took over in October 2019. The first days were hard for me to get to know the system and procedures, as it is my first business in the U.S, but day after day by learning, research and advice things started to get better.

What is everyone’s favorite thing to get at Cultive Frozen Yogurt?

We are a frozen yogurt shop so our most popular service is the self-service build your own that is priced by weight. The customer manages and picks what they want to indulge in and pay for. Our best flavors are the Original Tart, Mango Tart, Classic Chocolate and French Vanilla. In addition to those, we have more than 50 toppings and sauces!

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